On the WordPress Post page, right at the top, is some very good advice: Start writing! You’ve maybe heard the story – attributed to more than one person, so maybe it’s just an urban myth – but, anyway, the story of a writer who finally succumbed to the pressure to give a speech at a famous college. On the night in question, he got there, received an elaborate introduction and took his place at the podium. Anticipation was palpable in the overflow crowd. He looked out at them, looked around carefully, scrutinized them. Stared at them. He took so long that an agony of discomfort developed. Finally, he said, “Why aren’t you home writing?” And with that he left the stage.

Below you’ll see some of the issues dealt with by fiction writers. You might be surprised to learn that your reviews, your blog posts, and even your non-fiction might benefit from considering those issues.