Come Write a Book, 2

Part 1b: The Revision Novels are made up of scenes. Scenes are a complex of setting, character(s), event, and outcome. Some would be destroyed by any alteration or interruption. Others, as long as the readers don’t know about it so as to sit up and say, “Hey! Wait […]

Come Write a Book, 4

“Nothing to See Here!” – Getting at the Facts through the Interpretations You would think that assembling a bibliography was the task only of a scholar. When you’re writing an historical novel, however, the only way to get to the reality of earlier times, places, and ideas, is:  […]

Come Write a Book, 3

Now, even though I’m the ‘god’ of this story and theoretically can make anything happen that I want, I’m not ‘god’ enough to change the history, the geography, the nature of life for common folk, or almost anything outside of what the characters do. So it’s a real question: “What could happen?”


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