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My soul lives on a continuum somewhere between those of G.K.Chesterton and Captain James T. Kirk. I love to explore, “to boldly go where no man has gone before,” and I love to declaim. Yeah, well, maybe with humor rather than pomposity – though you can get away with being pompous if you’re humorous. When hiking, I have to get to the top of whatever trail I’m on. I like to finish well and then go on to the next thing, scarcely looking back. Not enough celebration, I suppose, but then I never got a trophy just for participating. And I’ve been a lot of places – every continent except Antarctica, every country in Europe except Albania (got to work on those “A’s”). Plus I’ve been teaching for over forty years and organizing (read: administrating) for most of those. I’ve been married to my terrific wife longer than I’ve been alive, and hope to continue lots longer still. Oui, kids, grandkids, scattered over a couple of continents.

Plus lots of alphabet soup after my name (B.A., M.T.S, Ph.D.) and lots of writing. Fiction and non. Mostly for students and constituents, but some just for fun. I’ve taught creative writing and theological research and writing and have a backlog of unpublished stuff from living in Europe for twenty-five years. But I’m in Colorado now, breathing rarified air and rarin’ to get on to the next undiscovered country.

Do Words Mean Anything?

Prologue to ‘Don’t Lose Your Words: Personal Administration for Writers.’ When people say things like, “The Buddhists and Hindus and Christians are all saying the same thing, really,” I wonder if they are deaf, whether they have actually heard or read any of the things any of the […]