Sorry folks. Things have changed! You can’t do just what you used to do – or what you think authors of the past did. It’s tough enough being a writer, sitting down every day to exercise those writing muscles, carving time out of busy schedules. But the 21st century is going to ask more of you if you want to see your stories out in the world. This site is designed to be part of a constellation of resources to help you with those unforeseen tasks.ny-skyline-strip-It’s not the whole city of New York, but it’s a lot. We won’t cover everything, but we’ll cover quite a few things and point you to places where you can discover other things.


Lots of names are out there for all the stuff you have to do as a writer today, but here’s how I’m going to deal with them here. First, a caveat. I won’t be dealing with the writing itself. There are volumes and volumes of materials and exercises you can pursue for that. I’m just trying to prevent sticker shock when you see all the other things you have to do.

But I will work with you in some forms of writing. You may be able to write the Great American Novel, but how are you at summarizing it – in 28 words, in 53 words, in 120 words, in 253 words, and in 500 words? Not your forté, huh? And what about those 200-600 word blog posts? Can you do those? Every week? or more? To say nothing of compressing your life story to 50, 100, 200, 500, or some odd number of words. At first, it’s not fun. But you can get there. Here are the other things we’ll consider: 


Conceiving – getting your ideas

Researching – finding out what you need to know to bring those ideas to a story

Writing – certain kinds, anyway

Editing – you know what it is. No one can get by without it.

Revising – what you have to do after the edits

Covering – the next thing you must do if you want to self-publish

Marketing – what you do before, during, after and any other time you can think of

Publishing – either someone else does it or you do it. Either way, it’s a process

Promoting – you’ve got to get out there among the people, friend


You can peruse this site, go to the links you’ll find, follow the links those sites provide, or just google the topics. This is a tool for you to use however you want. You can also contact me and set up a time for us to talk to see if you’d like to have me work side-by-side with you. One last thing: you can spend all your time looking at resources that tell you how to do things – and never do them. I suggest you budget your time. Give yourself a reasonable period to consider what you’ll do and how. Then DO IT. Turn off this site. Turn off your phone. Suppress Internet access. Get to work!